I'm back I'm back!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm back from the most perfect, wonderful, magnificent holiday/break/paradise.
I could have just cried when I landed back in England, it was just too soon to come back, then I had to take a train home and I burst into tears on the train and the man opposite me was in a leather Harley Davidson jacket and he just looked at me confused, and slightly sympathetically. To be honest I felt confused myself.
I'm now back at my family home as I moved out of my student home one day, then the next day flew out for my holiday. So I have come home to mountains of unpacked chaos, it gives me a headache to look at and I'm not sleeping so peacefully and I think the extensive clutter is the reason. But I'll just have to work through it bit by bit, hanging lots of clothes, and putting a lot in the 'charity shop' pile.
My amount of cosmetics and products has essentially doubled since I put my 'home cosmetics' and 'uni cosmetics' together - they no longer fit in the big pink bucket I keep them in so I filtered through and all the products that are unused or almost unused I've put in a big pink carrier bag to pass on to my sister and mum to filter through. it's filled with tons of hair removal cream, body lotions, shower gels and hair products - that kind of thing.

My friends feel scattered all over the country now, which I suppose they are. But I still have my sister kind of close by and I get to see my mum every day aswell as my auntie and grandparents as often as I want, so that's the good points.

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming that I'm back in Sorrento- wearing shorts even in the evenings, eating smurf flavored ice cream and meter long pizzas!

I honestly felt like when I came back that everything would be different, but nothing is and everything is as it always was.


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