The Perfect Day

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Today Was a beautiful day before I even got up!
I knew that I could depend on today to be self indulgent and to do whatever it is that I'd like to do.
I decided to take a friend along with me to visit the new Library that we presumed had opened, from the concept art it looked kind of incredible and although I go back to my home town in just days for four months of Summer, I still wanted to spend the day just there even if it wasn't worth taking any books out.
It turned out that we'd misunderstood and the library still was not open, but will be open when I return for a new academic year in September, so as an alternative we decided to head to the beautifully huge Waterstones book store nearby.
It's absolutely gorgeous with spiraling staircases and chairs all over the place, I love when a place feels like it encourages browsing. We probably got lost in there for maybe two hours, while I took pictures of all the books I dream of owning so that I can add them to my wishlist!

It was super sunny outside, I even wore a vest top, which I never ever wear alone, I am always wearing about 3 layers!
Then we ate, which is always the best part of any day, I had a huge selection of sushi, it was only from Tesco but I really really loved it, I could have cried when it finished, it's been ages since I ate sushi so I thoroughly enjoyed it. The best was the rice on the end that tasted as though it had been mixed with sweet and sour sauce, and the smoked salmon on the rice at the other end, that was just divine. I always leave out the ginger and Wasabi! Too spicy for me, and I forgot to use the Soy sauce. It did come with chopsticks though which was very fun as I've never eaten sushi with chopsticks before

and I did surprisingly okay, plus it saved on washing up.

Then I read in my bed after adding all the books I longed for to an uncontrollably long wishlist.

This has been my perfect day!


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