Storenvy Summer Purchases

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Storenvy is just great, it's a collection of just really really good, fun products. It's better than eBay in the sense that you don't have 'tat' to filter through but cheaper than lots of products on Etsy. The problem is that there are hardly any UK sellers that I have come across so packages always take their sweet time arriving. Usually that's okay but this time next week I will be on the coast of Italy for two weeks! I was hoping to bring these with me but they are all a 'no show' as of yet, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway.

Firstly I ordered the Orange Anime Backpack. I like the chunky black outline because it looks like I should be in a cartoon!

Sideway Anime Backpack ORANGE 

Unfortunately, it's sold out but here's the ink incase they get it back in stock and I believe that they have a pink version too!

Then, I got myself some saweeeeeet heart print denim shorts, Denim shorts are always essential but I wanted something a little more cutesy and though that this was the perfect alternative

Heart Jean Shorts 
The great bit is that they are still in stock, you can grab your own here:

Finally, I just couldn't resist the adorable little tail and fluffiness, I know that they are a bit odd, and maybe not something we'd see on the streets in England but my goodness I just love them!

Pantalones Conejito / Bunny Rabbit Shorts 2WH146 
You can grab your own here:

That's your little peek into my summer wardrobe!


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