Crazy, beautiful shoesies

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'm not a plain pumps kind of person, I like shoes covered in junk, glitter, stuffed animals, whacky prints, things stuck onto the laces etc, that's why when watching the movie The Sitter (which isn't all that great if I'm honest) there's a guy who can roll around on roller skates so wonderfully that I realised that's what I'd love to do! Roll around on roller skates rather than walk anyway, it's so much more fun and you'll get places in double quick time!
The one small problem might be that there's no real flat area where I can practice and not get laughed at for falling over (which I'm sure I will, a lot, at first at least, and maybe several more times after that) also, I couldn't wear them at home because there is so many stairs, though perhaps I could wheel through the corridoors.

I've been looking for some covered in sequins and lights that flash when the wheels roll, but I wonder if I might be being too specific...
So far I've found these cute ones:
SFR Rio Roller White & Pink £39.95

They're so sweet like candy floss! and they look pretty comfy, plus I love that they're called a 'Disco skate' I wonder if there's any roller discos near me...
You can get these bad boys at

But you best beleive if I find a sparklier pair, you'll be the first to know!


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