Did you fall? (From heaven)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So I decided that it was about time to invest in some TLC
                                                                         for my iPad-y (it's meant to rhyme)
Here's what I've got for you and it is super purse friendly too!
When the products arrive I'll do a little how-to for you!

A clear screen protector- it's basically a giant sticker that stops your screen getting marked, if you want to carry around a mirror, you can get mirrored ones too! Great for touching up lipstick and checking nasal hairs, zits and all other grossness while you're out and about

But.... I think it requires a lot of patience to put on so that you don't get ugly air bubbles etc, so I'm going to have to dedicate some proper time aside to do it properly

And the next thing... is a protector for the back of the cover too, It's like a bendable plasticy/gel material and it does not prevent damage from being thrown about, splashed, dropped etc

BUT it will mean that the cover can be wiped of smudgy fingers and the destructive oils on your fingers don't mark the actual back cover. It also means you can put your iPad in your back and any loose change or house keys rolling around won't mark or scratch the back.

And it also means that you can use a Apple smart cover (the magnetic clippy, clicky ones) with it too as a stand or screen protector

I jsut want double screen protection because scratches screens or anything drive me crazy!

The picture shows a little picture of what it kind of looks like but incase you were wondering, you can get the same one as me from here:

So there you go a wholee protected iPad (but not from falls! Even if they are from heaven) for under a £5-

if only iPads were that cheap!


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