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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

So I had a little trawl through my eyeshadows and realised that I was lacking fresh spring time colours, mostly I have a lot of pressed colours that have dark undertones or perfect for a smokey eye, but nothing that was really zingy and fresh.So my port of call for inspiration was Etsy, which is a frequent port of call of mine for the last year or so. I was amazed to come across a huge range of vegan makeup, made in a little studio, one at a time.

I never really thought about small, independant makeup companies before but it's so super important to support people trying to make it, especially if there products are great!

So I came across Madison Street Beauty's Etsy store:

I was enchanted mostly by the beautiful blue hazes (and some delicious names) and got a little carried away in my buying, but I could justify it for three reasons.
1. They were having a 60% off sale
2. They had incredible reviews
3. Makeup that is cruelty free and naturally coloured with NO chemicals is a beautiful break for the skin, especially delicate eye are

So here's what I got:

The quality of them is lovely, they're just messy (as are all loose powders) I love Sea Foam and Mermaid the most, I want to do a gorgeous blue look with these and a soft brown in the crease, I think that would look so spring time and dreamy!

The great thing is that because you don't get to see and test the product they include swatches in the pictures, so here's the swatches of the ones that I got!

Electric Periwinkle

Enchanted Forest






Tiffany Blue
Important details:
-They sell blushers and highlighters and chap sticks too
-An eyeshdow is normally £3.35 but in the 60% off sale I paid £1.30 eeek!
-The 60% off sale finishes today!!!
-If you miss it, here is a coupon code to get 20% off all year round, from my heart to yours! (Well, more like Madison Street Beauty's heart to yours)
TY2BAR (you can't combine it with the 60% off sale for 80% off unfortunately


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