Uh Oh silly-O!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

This post seems like it should be an April Fools post, whereas actually- it's just my embaressing real life!

For Easter I got what looked like a box of eggs- I actually said 'are they real?' 'They look like real eggs!' But after being convinced that they are not real and just amazing sugar art I kept them for a while to look at.

Today (or what felt like today but was actually yesterday since it's gone midnight) around half 4 I thought, well maybe I'll have one.
So I smell the shell and think 'is this really all sugary?' and it sure smelt like it was! It smelt of chocolate.
I bite into the shell and think oo.. this isn't chocolate, it must be solid sugar, like on those mini eggs that Cadbury sell...

The funny thing is it tasted good, because the chocoalate inside was so amazingly delicious.

About twenty minutes after having pigged out I start to feel like a cactus is doing cartwheels in my belly- it just felt so dang spikey, pretty much as soon as the pain came on, I knew I'd made a horrible, horrible mistake.

I checked the internet but it wasn't much good as it only referred to eating little bits in your scrambled egg, I'd eaten almost an entire shell!

After 2 and a half hours of a persistant and spikey stomach ache I call my friend who's a nurse who told me to call the NHS helpline- the first nurse I had was not very kind and sort of spoke to me like I was stupid (which I suppose I kind of am)

The second nurse was much nicer and very sympathetic, but told me that I would be fine and that it will just give me a stomach ache as my stomach doesn't like digesting it very much (I don't blame it!)

And that was the story of me and my unhappy egg.
I know I should have known, but I've never in my life seen real eggs filled with chocolate before- but they came from France, so maybe it's a french tradition. On closer inspection I see there's a hole in the bottom of the egg where I guess the actual egg was poured out and chocolate poured in; but I didn't think of any of this at the time!

Oh-well! Better luck next time for me!


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