Why I feel like an Eco-Queen

Thursday, 19 April 2012

When I spotted the most wonderful hand cream in the world that I have ever known for a weeny bit cheaper on feelunique.com I ordered up.
If you were wondering what my favourite is, it is this:

Gosh darnit, the sweet banana smell and the only hand cream that doesnt leave my hands feeling sticky and like I need to wash them again, I love this hand cream but for me it is indulgent ranging between £8.50-£9.99 in price
Now that would be a good price if it was a big jar, but if you've never seen a jar of it before you won't be able to see from the picture but it is weeny!

If you've ever bought one of those 'Tiddly pots' from Hotel Chocolat, that's roughly the size I'm talking about.

Anywho, this box arrives at my front door and I have no idea what it is knowing full well they wouldnt use a box that big for a pot that little -You'll have to imagine because I already broke up the box-
But lo and behold, they DID

Sometimes things like that happen, and we'll say as a passing comment "Gosh, all that packaging for that" (especially in Easter eggs, they are the worst for too much packaging)

But this one time, I was brave and wrote an email to feelunique.com that went something like this:

Hi there,

I recieved my package today and in good time however, I was perplexed by the sheer volumes of packaging for my one tiny jar of hand cream. It was in a box that could have fitted seventeen more of it inside; my primary concern is with the environment but also that it cannot be a very cost effective way to package goods. I believe it should be made a priority to use smaller boxes for smaller orders.
Kind Regards

I got a response reallly soon after that looked a lot like this:

Click on the picture so that the words are big enough to read!

Okay, so it wins the award for the most generic email response ever- But I'm still glad that I emailed!
Would I have been so fussy and annoying if it was a smaller company? No
Do I think we should all be doing this? Yes
Why? Because it took me all of two minutes, and it's not all jibberish what companies say, they really do want to keep the customer happy.
Is the environment their main concern? Probably not; but they are concerned about if we continue to shop with them and will do everything possible to ensure that we do.
Will my one email make a difference? No
Would it make a difference if we all wrote one every time we felt a company had gone overboard with the packaging? YES!

You know what to do!


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