Sunday Blues? Nuh-uh! Sunday Greens!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I wanted to try out my new vegan makeup from Madison Street Beauty and pulled together this fresh and light green look. It's very subtle and daytime. And as usual super duper easy.
Here's the breakdown of what it took:

Once you've applied primer to your eyelids, start off by applying a light coral-y shade all over your eyelid, I used Opal by MSB (Madison Street Beauty)
Then a bright matte green on the outer corner, this is Shamrock by MSB and blend the centre of your eyelid to look like a gradient from coral to green.

Right on the outer corner do a little dab of a rich, sparkly green- I used Enchanted Forest by MSB

 Blend the sparkly green into the crease and be sure not to muddy the grandient from the matte green to coral
 Apply a brown eyeliner as close as you to the lashline so that it is just a thin, almost unnoticeable line but it will still make your lashline look thicker. Bring the brown eyeliner down to the waterline.

Use a highlight colour on the browbone, I used Stardust by MSB and then you're done!

Quick breakdown of the rest of the face:
Eye Primer: Painterly by MAC
Blusher: Desert Rose MAC
Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
Lips: Elemis chapstick
Highlighter: Snowglobe by MAC


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