The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Monday, 23 April 2012

Today was a straight up mixture of all three:
We'll start negative and go to positive

The Ugly:
-I had a long walk in the rain, the one day that I forget my darn umbrella. This also meant that I had to wash my hair again, and I try to keep a day between washes to give my hair a little break but the universe decides nuh-uh wash that hurr again!

The Bad:
-I was wearing a pair of 'last resort' trousers- the kind that give me ugly red marks on my hips as they are just a little too tight, not cute
-Neverending workload!
-The screen protector that I ordered was a total annoyance and bind, it left ugly bubbles all over the screen and totally obscured the viewing so I had to peel it off and try and start over but the little protectant was simply not having any of it!

 The Good:
-The company are sending me a new screen protector for free, hopefully I shall have more luck with that one
-I used a new dove conditioner which has made my hair feel the most luscious that it has felt in a long, long time (Before that I was using BB conditioner which I found to be a complete waste of money!)

The downright crazy:
Okay so I made a whole new catagory because I felt like it needed to be said, the weather it super cray-cray right now, we've gone through all seasons in one day for every day the past week now! I don't get it, I don't remember Aprils being this erratic I don't know what I'm even wearing when I get up as in the mornings I'm all warm in my cosy room then I get outside and it all goes downhill from there.

Sometimes it's good to reflect on the good, bad, ugly, crazy, happy, clappy parts of your day so you can always be glad that no matter how much of a mundane-average day it sempt, their were little gems in it to still be appreciated!
Also... lets look back at my favourite sky pictures! We'll be back to sunny break through clouds and ice cream skies soon!

Happy Monday!


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