Stars in my eyes!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Galaxy and space prints have been popular for a while now.
What's great about them is that lot's of the colours in the galaxy and outer space are pastel coloured which makes them bang on trend for this Spring, but the mixture of silky fabrics and inky blues for the night sky dress up pastel colours to stop them looking too innocent and day time and to jazzle it up a little!

Here's my favourite galaxy products:

These leggings are so fun and delicious! They're from, Black Milk sells amazing clothing but it's pretty much all the stuff of dreams for me so I just browse and drool!

This top is so fun and perfect with some casual shorts and little booties andd... it's much more purse friendly at £9.95 from here good ol' eBay!

If you're not into the colours in galaxy prints then maybe these are your thing, they sure are mine!
Mostly because they GLOW IN THE DARK!

These would be so fun on a night out, and it's a sure way to have everyone looking at your pegs!
Available from here

If you're snazzy with a sewing machine you can craft something beautiful from this, I kind of fancy a fabric cuff from this beautiful stuff! Available from here

Orr..... if you hate everything here and think stars belong in the sky and not on clothes then you just might love love love one of my favourite Apps to date 'Star Walk'

It's incredibly beautiful, and it shows you the stars above you, it gives you facts and incredible 'pictures of the day' from our universe; minus the complex language and scary astronomy chat.

It's relaxing to look at before I fall asleep. It makes me feel a lot of wonderment and is grounding to realise how immensely huge the universe is; it's a comfort not to worry about the little things and let them deal with themselves in a world as big as ours.

P.S Remember tomorrow is Earth Day and Origins are giving away free products! Check my post on April 1st for more details!


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