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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Okay, so my jewellery doesn't fall into the retro catagory yet, but judging by what I found I think it will only take another decade or so!

Since I moved house I have only unpacked the 'essential' bits of jewellery and just bought new bits since I've lived here, but last night I suddenly remembered that I had some earrings that were still packed up and wanted to get them out.
So after a lot of hunting, and cutting through various layers of newspaper and sellotape to hold my jewellery box together I found some beauties and some hideous-ies

I'm not sure what catagory some of them fall into so I'll show you and you can decide!

A Spongebob Squarepants locket, it came from Clairs Accesories I believe

 I love this fun bow earring! I would never wear them as a  pair though as I thought that was too much going on with my head!

 These are giant, like the gem is the size of a 5p coin, I liked them because they reminded me of cherry gum drops or wine gums and I kind of wanted to eat them up!

 These were a present but I always thought they were cute, I used to think it would be a cool idea to get five holes pierced in my ears and have my name spelt out on my ear...er....yeah...that would have been 'super stylish' I'm sure...

And finally! My amazing charm bracelet I found! My sister got it for me and for birthdays and christmasses would get me a few more charms to add onto it. I forgot I had it so I wore it today and lots of people commented on even though it was old, it was still 'so me' I don' know if that's really a compliment through, my favourite charm is the chocolate bar on the end, I love that one!

What's your favourite?


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