Easter Sunday

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I would have loved to have had a lovely and relaxing day today with everyone
I have to work- boo

But never mind because I still got to find that I had been accidentally bought an identical Easter egg - THREE times! (from three different people)
I'm not complaining though, who wouldn't love three sprinkly hello kitty eggs staring back at them?

I'm kind of sad the bow dropped off the middle one but it's still in one piece inside the box!

Another pretty sight I saw was this:

I love the sky colours, and the sun breaking through the back!
It's such a nice way to brighten up what was a giant panel of plain ol' wood (and by giant I mean bigger than me!)

At christmas it had the silhouette of the three wise men on camels, and now it's suddenly changed to this! I'm not sure who does it, as it's right outside my house I've never seen anyone spray painting on it, maybe it's a mysterious Banksy- haha

Easter hugs from baby and mama hello kitty/bunny!


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