Hello Kitty Curls

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturdays are the perfect days where you have a little more time to give your hair a little more
'ooh-la-la' there is nothing particularly Hello Kitty about the curls other than I'm wearing a hello kitty jumper!

Here it is! My insanely easy and not-so-slow loose, perfectly-imperfect mermaid curls

First of all, split your hair into an upper and lower layer, and clip up the top layer (you might need to split it into more clipped up layers if your hair is super thick)

Pinch at little sections of the bottom layer of your hair and place it between the plates of the straighteners

Holding the straightener pointing downwards, begin in the middle of the hair strand so that only the ends are curled and it looks more 'loose and natural' twist the straighteners to wrap the hair around the straighteners and slowly pull the straighteners downwards so that the hair is pulled out between the plates. It's super important to do it in a kind of slow and graceful motion, like when you use scissors to curl ribbon!

Here's a little looky at how my curls looked!

Once you've curled the bottom layer, pull at small sections of hair from clip that seperates off the next layer

...And do the same again as you did on the bottom layer, same technique with the straighteners pointing downwards and curling like ribbon, but rather than beginning half way down the hair you may want to start twisting closer to the root for more curl and body to your hair

Keep going all the way around your head until you have pulled all the hair from the clip seperating the curly from the straight hair. If your arm gets tired have a little break- maybe a quick snack!

The end result! Wonderfully, natural looking waves that just ooze glamour but are super simple and can be done with a straightening iron curlers, mousse or even hair spray is really needed!

And while we're here.... We may aswell have a quick look what I wore today, it's not super exciting

A baggy Hello Kitty jumper that looks like it was from some 80s dance movie where baggy dance gear was 'all the rage'! I wore a white vest underneth because it's kind of cold today!

Then some simple black treggings on the bottom, they're super comfy stretchy and go with everything, I got them from TKMaxx
(of course, the thick hello kitty socks are the most glamorous part of this outfit, theyre from H&M)

For my Make up that I wore today I'll do a little step-by-step for that tomorrow otherwise this post will be a bajillion pictures long and you might fall asleep half way through! Haha


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