Getting cosy!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

I have just about made these two cosy 'must haves' my absolute best friends since it's getting colder.

One of them has made a special guest appearance in my most recent video:


The other one is a newbie!

They are my Honey Bear hoodie from the David and Goliath shop, it even has fluffy, fleecy ears on the hood, and when I put my hands in the pockets it looks like I'm holding a honey jar! (the picture of me in it does not do it much justice)

It's super duper cosy and they sell them right now!!!

my #2 cosy must have is this thermal cup, I have another thermal cup but it had a silcone hand protector that I got from TK Maxx but the silicone has stretched and worn out over the past year which means that my hands get burneeeed!

Not any more!

A belated birthday present was a brand new hot beverage cup so I am happy happy! I even use this when I'm at home because I often move from room to room before I've finished my hot drink.


If the world really does end tomorrow, I may aswell be cosy!


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