Thighs, tums and WHAT!??

Monday, 3 December 2012

I'd had a long day of learning, including my mandarin listening exam which was not so bad after all, those things never are.

I got home and emptied my shopping into the fridge, I always look like a nutcase because of the amount of milk I get through (about three cartons a week) I drink the sweetened soya milk, it's just the best! But when it's all lined up in my fridge at the moment I have eight cartons in my fridge I look a little bit loopy loo...

Then I decided to go onto legs, bums and tums which is a type of workout class that makes your muscles burn, and your legs shake and your arms ache but it was actually pretty good, although It was an impulse decision so I went with a face of makeup (I always think it's silly when girls go to the gym in makeup, and now I am one of them!) and in a crinkly top that I didn't have time to iron.

But now I'm tucked up in my pjs with my jar of nutella wathcing Ugly Betty.

A video will emerge on Thursday explaining the true extent of my nutella addiction...



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