My experience with a psychic

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Seeing a psychic

I went on my first ever visit to a 'psychic' today. When I first booked the appointment back in August, the next available slot for me was December- I couldn't believe the long wait, whether she's true or a fake I thought she must be very busy and have lots of clients!

Many people around me are sceptics about this kind of thing, my friend also who went to visit her on a whim is now converted because she was able to be specific enough to pinpoint the title of the book she was reading at the time (and no it wasn't 50 shades...)

I decided 'Hey, maybe I could benefit from some spiritual guidance' and maybe I have benefited from this, or maybe I havent, but I'll give you a little taster into what was said in the reading.

Maybe this is the weirdest Outfit Of the Day ever, but this was the outfit that I deemed suitable to wear to a psychic reading. I tried to keep it very neautral, not too crazy or bright to give as little away as possible through what I'm wearing.

I walked into the very pretty dining room of the ladies house, she had a candle burning and incense too I think, aswell as lovely music but no crystal ball, which seems to be the #1 question that everyone asks me 'Did she have a crystal ball??'

The reading began with her asking me to close my eyes and imagine a light, the light I saw was like the light at the end of a tunnel that you see in films. Then she said the dreaded words 'clear your mind'

As soon as someone says to me clear my mind, my mind starts getting itself in a mess, furiously trying to clear itself. The conversation in my head went like this:

'okay, deeep breaths, and clear thoughts... think of nothingness...okay relax...clear I imaginging the right kind of light? Does the light need to be imagined around me or is it supposed to be in front of me? What if she can't get anything from me because my mind isn't clear? CLEAR MIND, COME ON MIND CLEAR YOURSELF OUT! Should I have opened my eyes already? Is she just staring at me waiting for me to open my eyes or do I wait for my eyes to open themselves? Oh my goodness, the reading will have to end right here because I can't clear my...'

" open your eyes when your ready"

And that was how my reading began.

Some key things that are kind of funny and that stick to me that she said were:

'you're not snacking, you need to snack more' which was very interesting as I've told a lot of people that are especially close to me that since I've moved away I've stopped snakcing I just eat three set meals a day.

Another funny thing was that she told me my great grandmother is glad that I have her rings and brooches even though she knows that they are not my style. That made me laugh because while true, I have them carefully stored away safely.

She also said that she can see a big 'do' in August, which is the month of my sisters wedding.

It was a 40 minute reading that included tarot cards aswell, and a lot of personal things, aswell as lots of vague things and random names that I've scribbled down but that don't make a lot of sense.

Everyone who I have told the nitty gritty and ins and outs of the reading to has asked me for her phone number, so what I said seems to have convinced them that she's pretty darn good.

My verdict is that she was too specific to be vague, but not specific enough to make me certain I'm convinced- I would certainly visit again in a year or two though!


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