No day is a dull day!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I would love to tell you all that I did something very exciting and glamorous and fabulous today but that would be a lie, so instead I will tell you what actually happened- it was a fun day but maybe not so glamorous.
I handed in coursework - dull

I went to my japanese lesson - fun this lesson was all on Japanese culture which was really interesting, they showed me temples in Japan and a place where people go to look at rocks and be all peaceful, they showed me beautiful japanese gardens, panda bears in the zoo, geisha walking in Kyoto- one of the girls had actually seen a geisha for real! I was so excited by that, perhaps she did not quite understand my excitement...

She also showed me pictures of cute christmas cake- we do not have christmas cake so much on Christmas day, we have Christmas pudding but that's it! Apparently all they really eat on Christmas day is cake!

Then I came home and recorded a video that was super fun to do! It involves a whole lot of just jabbering to the camera and there's about a 50% chance that you will fall asleep before the end of it, but that should be up on Thursday/Friday time!

Then I do what I do best, curl up into bed and just clickity type away until tomorrow when a whole new day begins!


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