Harry Potter Studio tour and ouchh my feet ache

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Today I visited the 'the' Harry Potter Studio tour today, I mistakenly keep calling it 'Harry Potter land' Which is actually false, as Harry potter land is in America, although it was a land of Harry Potter.

I've been up super early as we had to leave like 3 hours ahead of our scheduled time slot to get there, the there were delays coming back because of floods etc...

Then I came in and went back out again to help my mum with the Christmas food shop which I tried to film to make the compilation of one final christmassy video before 'the big day!' but the mean lady in the shop told me to stop filming as I had to get permission from the supermarket, then approached me at a later point asking to watch me delete the footage I had just shot which was about three seconds of some turkey on the shelf. She gave me the heeby jeebies anyway.

I have of course got a million and one pictures of the Harry potter studio tour and enough footage to make a feature length film about it but I'm going to do another full and thorough blog post on it really soon because right now my brain is about to go to sleep.

So this is all I've got for you:


And watch this space for much much much more on that!


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