Mandarin Madness~ Numbers

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I have the first of my mandarin exams tomorrow so I'm doing a lil' bit o' studying but it's prettyyy tricky!

I'm just going back over numbers, their system is actually pretty logical compared to here.

Once you know 1-10 you can say every number because the 'teen' numbers are pronounced:

10-1 (ten, one) instead of eleven

10-2 (ten, two) instead of twelve

10-3 (ten, three) instead of thirteen

then the twenties thirties and fourties are like this:

30 (three, ten) instead of thirty

40(four, ten) instead of fourty and so on and so fourth

Here's where my brain gets in a fizzle:

32 (three, ten, two) rather than thirty two, and all the numbers get me all muddled and I'm like what number came where!? When it's being spoken to me that is

Alright enough of the mandarin madness.

I also had a PJ day today, but got showered dressed and made up to film a video, only for me to put my hair back up, get back in my pjs and i'm leaving the makeup on for a little bit so it's not such a waste.


We can all open the second window on our advent calendar!!!

Here's mine incase you don't have one of your own

That was, hands down, the best part of my day!


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