Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Thursday, 6 December 2012

I visited Nottingham and in the centre of the city was a cute little gated off part especially for the Winter Wonderland!

It had a giant snowglobe with a singing snowman inside that was so super cute!

Alongside lots of cute statues like a giant Santa and snowmen.

But the scriest scare-your-socks-off part was the giant ride in the middle called 'North Star' It's basically a merry-go-round but instead of sitting on a pony, you sit on a seat, and instead of being near the ground you're 60 metres in the air, and instead of paying maybe £1.50-£2 you pay £5 for a ticket.

Now 60 Metres you say, that sounds like no big deal really... I've been on rides before right? I even like the big rollercoasters right? Yes, all of these are right.


But nothing really prepared me for how terrifying this was!

I thought there would at least be some buildings as high as we were... but no... we were literally the tallest thing in the whole city (or so it felt) It was completely odd and bizarre to be lingering that high for so long with nothing around but sky.

We didn't even spin quickly, it was like a slow and gentle spin but I seriously was pretty choked up at first because my breath was taken away by how high I felt that I was!

Then soon the cold began to kick in... and kind of nibble away at my fingers and face and I was glad to be returning back to Earth... haha!


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