Post-Christmas navy 'blues!'

Thursday, 27 December 2012

It has been such a lovely Christmas at home, we had the most beautiful dinner!

I wish I had taken pcitures of every little thing now to show you but I really just wanted to enjoy everything and dig in.

We always have Christmas dinner pretty late, maybe between 3/4 and so that I enjoy every bite of it I sometimes skip breakfast altogether so that I'm extra hungry.
The presents were alrady opened long before dinner. I actually awoke around 5am because I was so so excited for Christmas morning!

My sister was home and is always really hyperactive in the morning so she reawoke me around 8am because she was so excitedly opening presents (she is the older sister believe it or not)

This was my Christmas morning outfit which was very very navy blue from head to toe!

The jumper I got on Christmas morning from New Look, and on the back woven into the knitting was s star shape (although I think the star is meant to be on the front so technically I'm wearing my top back to front) Then I wore my navy blue jeans, and a very worn out, thin brown belt from Forever21.

For makeup I tried out my new lipstick in Myth and it was sooo pretty (so pretty that I ... just didn't take a picture of my makeup at all...I was in a rush ahh!)

On my eyes I wore gold eyeshadow with navy blue in the crease and curled the ends of my hair to just make it wavy.

I get super sad when Christmas is all over and when the Christmas tree doesnt look like it's throwing up wrapping paper because I love it so much and I wish that Christmas day was longer than all the other days in the year!

But now 2013 has come a-knocking which I don't like so much because it's such a mouthful to say!!!


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