Rushing Rushing Rushing

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My day was not especially exciting, I ended up running around a lot of shops gathering together last little Christmas bits and pieces and I wish I could stress how cold it was, literally super duper cold... thats as specific and scientific as I can get regarding temperatures.

But even when I'm shopping for everyone else, I will show you what ends up happening to my hand.. I can't help it, it;s like a disease:


I get lipgloss smears, and eyeliner testers and lipsticks and all the rest of it all over my hand because I can't resist to have a 'touch and feel' Even though colours look very different on your hand to your face, the textures can be pretty well judged still.. so here is my YSL, Urban Decay, Benefit and all other kinds of brands and products that I wish I could have got for myself today but had to leave them where they were... on the shelf!

So who else ends up with smeary tester-y hands even without meaning to? Raise your mucky-colourful hand in the air!


A final picture to warm your cold self is this cuuute but mostly funny 'alternative' nativity I saw in a shops display



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