Goofing around- doing nothing much at all!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I love/ don't love days like today

Where I don't have any pressing matters so there's plenty of time to goof around, but I also have deadlines that are approaching in the next week, so beginning to meet them around now sure wouldn't hurt.

Things I've done to avoid thinking about deadlines:
Downloaded a new app called 'Mermaids' which is the most fun thing ever! You have a patch of underwater and you have to sing to attract new mermaids and oh my gosh they're so pretty!


Ate a whole box of chocolates titled 'Alles Gute' which maybe means all is good/ all is well? Which is an obvious hint to me that I don't need to start my work because all is good! Right!??

Then I looked at a textbook for a brief moment

Then I put fun pearly swirls on the pages of my scrapbook!

Alright.. now I'll get on with my work...


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