Pumping Iron! OOTD

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The only outfits I seem to be showing lately are my worst ones!
Me in my sweaty gym gear...lovely
Since you are here, I may as well tell you the outfit that I am sporting today, which is basically identical to my last gym OOTD (on Saturday)
and this is the weirdest shaped photo ever because I took it at an angle because I was in a rush and then I had to crop out my garish yellow walls and it all just got a bit crazy!

Hair- up in a bun
Sports bra- Forever 21
'A' top because my name begins with an 'A'! How lucky is that! from New Look about 2 years ago (I like to wear old tops to the gym because once a top is deemed a 'gym top' I never wear it on normal 'non gym' days again!)
Joggers from TK Maxx
Un-fancy plain ol' trainers
and some jazzy socks because gosh darn it's cold walking there!
I didn't get to take a snap but I wore my Harajuku pale blue zip up for the journey there which does not match the navy sleeves on my top- but who cares! The zip up had cartoon cats on it after all!


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