Ouchy Physio!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Around September I took up yoga and the gym in general 2 to 3 times a week. In October I woke up with a really sore back pain that felt as though it was cradling my left shoulder blade. The pain was sharp and ran all around the shoulder blade and underneath, the pain was only slightly relieved when i had that part of my back pressed into a corner of something like a door frame, or wall or back of a chair which obviously made me look very odd to some people!

For the first 5 days the pain slowly eased, but after five days it healed no more and remained at a constant stinging sensation if I moved, leant or carried something or if my back wasn't perfectly straight. I wanted to put off paying for physio but when on Christmas eve I was lying on the sofa in pain with a heat patch on my back I thought enough is enough and booked myself an appointment at the local physio center.

I had an initial chat where I had to do funny arm exercises that looked like I was working in air traffic control then had a sports massge which was a pretty weird sensation in some points, especially when my shoudler balde was literally being pulled away from my body. I could choose the fragrance of the oil and I chose Roses - I love the smell of roses and their was no mint fragrance so this was second best! The man said I smelt like a grandma! I like the fragrance of roses!

Afterwards the pain had eased much more than I had expected, now I can feel a general ache in the area but when I move there is not a sensation of what feels like burning through my back, like a raw exposed and irritated muscle. Now it is much more dulled, much more comfortable.

I had all rose oil in my hair so I washed my hair for the second time today because I can't stand the feeling of greasy hair!

Here I am post physio... which is exactly how I looked pre physio but I just thought that I would add in a picture!
I'm covering half my face so that you can't see the full extent of my no makeup-ness!


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