Off to see the Wizard! Urban Decay Glinda & Theodore palette peek!

Monday, 28 January 2013

This is just little ol' me off to lectures, but I sure do wish that I was off to see 'The Wizard'

Which is very fitting, because I caught a peek at Urban Decay's new palettes (2 of them) which are keeping with the theme of the new Disney film 'Oz the great and powerful'
-I knew about the palettes before I knew about the film coming out!
Here's a look at the palettes...

 The Glinda palette-
Contains a plum eyeshadow that is shimmery called Tornado , a shimmery blue and pink duo called Aura, a colour that looks like the can of grape soda with gold flecks called Magic, a satin peachy colour called Illusion, another 2 in shade that is golden shimmer alongside silver shimmer called Oz and another glittery colour that is grey but has a warm shimmer to it called South
PLUS a purple eyeliner in Eggplant and a pinky-beige lip colour in Glinda

Now onto Theodora-

A creamy colour called Broken , a warm matte brown called Beware dark brown titled Bewitch, then a deeper brown with a metallic finish named West, a duo shade with one half containing a black with green and gold flecks, then a glittery gold called Spell, the appropriately titled Jealous is the other duo containing a light and dark green with a creamy pearl finish.
PLUS a black eyeliner, and a bright red lip colour titled Theodora

My favourite is the Glinda palette, but perhaps I'm just biased because I have no idea who Theodora is, Theodora's palette contains a lot of browns though which I feel I have accumulated stacks of but perhaps that is what makes Theodora's a little more wearable if you like to keep your makeup safe. Glinda's contains a lot of what I consider 'never seen before' colours that I don't already own, and I love how good UD's glitter shadows are (thick but not chunky) so I feel like Ginda's is a lot more exciting!

You can pop out all the eye shadows and put in your own UD colours if you wanted to, or you could just leave it as is!
They come with 'look cards' to give you ideas on how to wear the colours and just I love how all the names relate to the traditional Wizard of Oz, I can't wait to get my hands on these just for the packaging!!
These are not out in the UK yet boohoo but they cost $49, so around £31


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