Japanese Dinner!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's about that time again where I go out for something to eat with my friend from school who moved to the same city as I did!
I recommended that we eat at the same Japanese place that I went to a few weeks back in December, and it was so delicious that I blogged about it, and here I am blogging about it again!

I even ordered the same thing... I know, not very imaginative but I knew I loved it and I had craved it a few times since.
This is what I worse, I suppose this seemed appropriate attire!

 I wore my birthday part tee! I love it, it's from a shop on ebay and has presents and balloons and cake on it!
Along with my rock and republic trousers that are made from a black stretchy fabric, these are from TK Maxx and have lasted foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr, on my feet I have my pink stripy socks, I guess I'd forgotten to put on my shoes- but I swear I did wear some!

Makeup is a whole mish-mash from the Naked 2 palette, I can never remember what I've used, I just go into a bit of a colour daze and use everything that I like

 A close up of my feather earring that I like because a part of it looks like a feather hair extension! I love the cool blue colour part, this has lasted me over a year I think and made it through the treacherous windy weather that blew my hair every which way the minute I left!

Now I am too full up on sticky rice to move! Ooopsy


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