These boots were made for walking!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's my wardrobe staple forever and always:

Black ankle boots.

I've gotten through so many pairs in the past two years (maybe five or six?) and they all come from New Look and cost between £20-£30

They were and still are my wardrobe staple even though they caused me a million and one dilmenas including:
They would fall apart spontaneously

They would let the rain in after about a week of wear

They had no grip so I've been a victim of many 'near fall' accidents

But still I wear them and re buy another pair and another pair!

I came home for Christmas and my boot had a mouth and my mum said to me 'Get some new shoes!' but I'd only had this pair of boots since October so I was reluctant to throw them out, even though they were in tatters.

Finally I gave in, and opted for a different pair of ankle boots from somewhere else that might last me a little longer.
These are from Asos for £30
Cowboy-style low ankle boots.

They have a buckle and then a chain at the back which I was a bit sceptic about but in real life it's much nicer and they don't clank together to make me sound like a walking piggy bank.

The sole is a really pretty striped pattern which I guess no one will actually see.

But I love them, and they might last a little longer with a bit of luck!

If only I'd kept my old pair to show you, and all my old pairs to do a Boot-murial haha!


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