OOTD: Gym-a-ring-ding-ding!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I just thought of as many words as possible that rhymed with gym, which was actually only two
'ring' and 'ding'...
ah well!

This is my not-so-glam attire for the evening as I embark on a 'legs, bums and tums' workout class which really just hurts me all over, but that's a sign that it's working- so they say!
Plus I have to repay my debts from all the milkshake and toast I've been eating AND I just ordered a 700g jar of nutella, the hugest jar I've seen available to date- it better be spectacular, it nearly cost me £4!

I just pull my hair back into a tight ponytail, I find that buns often drop out so I avoid those at the gym now. I hate that I wore my makeup to the gym, I usually wipe it off but time caught up with me and it just felt so awful and gross on my face, I'm wearing a sports bra from Forever21, my vest has opened citrus looking fruits on it and I got it about 5 years ago from Zara, my gym trousers are just plain black bootleg cut from TK Maxx, my sister got them for me for Christmas. My trainers are Puma or something, they're not very cool but I was on a budget!


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