Lets go to the movies: Despicable me

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I put off seeing this film for a long long time based on the title, which is the valuable lesson of the day.
Never judge a film by it's title!
First of all I though that this was an adult comedy with actors, it's actually a kids film that's animated yippee! My favorite type of kids films!
It's your typical kiddy plot of bad guy planning to do some bad things, then he meets a crossroad in his life that changes his whole outlook then happily ever after the end!
It's the generic template storyline that makes it 'not quite' Pixar.
Nonethless I still enjoyed it so much that I could watch it again!

The cross road in this baddy's life:

Is meeting these three orphan girls:

At first he's not so nice to them, and for ages and ages he's still not nice to them- it actually takes much longer than expected for his stone heart to be melted into a pool of gooey parental-love for the girls he has 'accidentally' adopted.

My favorite moments are:
When he puts them to sleep in old hollowed out bombs- it's just so cruel but half funny too

When he reads the hilarious 'three little kitty' story to the girls and has to use the finger puppets in the book. If this book is real, I want it!

The unicorn toy that is 'SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE'

When he tells them his own storybook and uses his nose as a unicorn horn- this will make no sense if you haven't seen it, but it just made me laugh!

This is a super-cute-feel-the-fuzzy-love film
and I want to watch it all over again!


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