The strangest dinner ever...

Monday, 21 January 2013

All I had in my cupboards here at university was the ingredients to make bolognase (no spaghetti) and since I was hungry enough I decided to just make it and deal with whatever fell out the pan onto my plate.
Then I cam up with the ingenious (or not so) idea to have toast with it!
Like toast bolognase or bolognase on toast!
It was all working out so well in my head and this is how it came out!

Maybe not so great after all, actually it was rather strange. I think I much prefer with spaghetti.

My dessert on the other hand was a delicious success!
I had a banana, chopped it up and mixed it with a Soya vanilla yoghurt.
It tasted like the kind of thing I would eat as a small child but it was sooo good!

I'm glad that you can see my place mat was a textbook, but clearly I should give up this university nonsense and go to culinary school instead or something!


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