Bridesmaid Summer Wedding Manicure

Monday, 5 August 2013

As my sisters wedding is fast approaching, it's about time I tied all those little loose ends of jobs together. A few days before the wedding like today, made it the perfect day to test out what colour to wear on my nails, I've finally settled on Princesses Rule! By OPI
My advice when deciding what polish to wear is to do a little trial run, if it's between two colours, paint a different colour on each hand then hold the (dry) nails against the outfit that you are wearing to see which colour looks best!
I am wearing a bridesmaid dress that is a block colour, and I've decided these look the most feminine, and understatedly pretty when held against the dress!

It looks like subtle pink sparkle with one coat, but I ended up building it up to three coats to create a more opaque glitter finish. As for lasting, it leaves a lot to be desired, it will only look good for about one day and dents easily too. Here I've worn the colour for three days and the tops are all chipped and that was with a strengthening top coat, so be aware of that going into this. However, it looked neat and fresh for all of one day which is how long weddings last!


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