A different way to contour your face

Friday, 23 August 2013

My poor MAC matte bronze bronzing powder has been used for it's last now, it's now an empty metal pan in a compact but it has served me well and has lasted me since Christmas as my absolute favorite bronzing powder.
However, this time on I'm not wiser and more aware about what I'm looking fro in a bronzer and what is convenient for my lifestyle. With a pressed powder I would always be terrified of them smashing in moving, which may sound like a problem that a normal person would have to think about maybe once a year, but I pack up my makeup probably thirty times a year to stay at my sisters, friends, uni, back home again and on and on that goes and every time I sacrifice the safety of my bronzing powder for the need to have a contoured face, but luckily it survived every pack.
Nonetheless, on reflection for my new bronzer I wanted something travel friendly and compact that does the job and I happened to find just the thing!


The Nyx 'as if it's your natural skin' concealer stick in shade Dark!
It's in a convenient twist up pen that I can just swipe on where I like and blend with a clean finger. It's a beautiful warm colour on my skin that is just great as a subtle contour daily.

I may look a little freaky when first applied but I promise it blends out to look like beautiful bronzed perfection!

If you want a little help with where to bronze or if you really hate this idea and just want to contour the classic way then take a little looky at an oldie but a goodie video of mine!


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