Jumping on the favourites bandwagon - July 2013 Favourites

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I don't normally write about 'these are my favorites for this particular month' because it would imply I'd have to have liked and used something for the whole 30 days before I can tell you that I like it, I would rather tell you my favorites of the moment so this is a little mix of both. Some things I have liked all month, some things I have liked for years, some things I've liked since last week, but they're all worthy of a mention so here goes:

First of all, and a non-beauty favourite is Lana Del Rey and her album Born to Die. I am just obsessed with her, watching covers of her songs, watching live performances of her, interviews and everything else between. I just can't get enough of her album and it is all that I listen to!

The next, and a kind of 'beauty' favourite that has become a part of my routine is taking a Zinc supplement ever day, and a vitamin B12 supplement too. Zinc is great for immune system boosting properties, and I am prone to getting sick. Vitamin B12 is great for boosting energy!

Next up is my Boots 'Good things' face mask. Not only does it smell absolutely incredible, like a terrific real fruit smoothie, not synthetic fruit scents. But it has a clay texture which means that as it dries on the skin, you can see and feel the impurities being pulled from the skin, it's perfect for a clogged up T-zone

My Ocean Salt face scrub from Lush is my clarifying shampoo for my face. When I'm feeling thoroughly let down by my horrible, dull, blemished and oily skin. One dose of this has it sparkling looking fresh and feeling crisp and clean. It is very gritty, smells of the sea air and feels very 'real' like nature doing good things to your skin. (Not suitable for dry skin!)

Burts Bees hand cream is my old favourite. I still have 2 pots of the stuff in my backup stock. The isntructions suggest using it after every hand wash, but my skin is generaly very oily anyway, so I find it can take more than 30 minutes to skin in to my hands and sometimes elbows, so I prefer to use it before I go to sleep. More than the moisturising element is the sensational scent. It is mind blowing, cramy banana-vanilla amazingness, and one of my favourite scents in the entire world

This is a non beauty favorite but just the other day I caught my first episode Extreme Couponer and I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. Those couponers are amazing and now I always catch an episode when I have a few minutes getting ready or something. I did not know shopping like that existed although I did read somewhere that it is fake, but I hope not!

My mum got me a Hello Kitty pink fluffy Light up Pen which I now keep with my diary, and it has got me back into writing my diary on a regular basis again.

Bobby Brown Shimmer Bronzing brick in shade Bronze is my new bronzer of choice. I usually preach that good bronzers can only be matte but maybe I've been convinced otherwise by this one. It gives my skin a 'glowy' element rather than just contouring which I adore for the summertime.


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