Permanent memories and a lost generation of photographs

Monday, 19 August 2013

Lots of people thirty years my senior like to point out how I, and maybe you are a part of what to some is considered a 'lost generation' as we are in the digital age, I suppose even these words that I type are not permanent or real, just digital dots on a screen that you can't touch or hold. Our photographs mostly reside on our computers and Facebook etc, with no actual photograph albums. I can't argue with that, it's very true but I don't think it makes us as 'lost' as people might think. Photographs stored online will never get lost, accidentally thrown away, damaged in a flood or fire. Digital photographs don't fade, get damaged by sunlight or creased up. There isn't just one copy of treasured photographs and they are there whenever we want to look at them even if we move 20 different times in a year, digital photos can be accessed in the exact same way. Digital photograph albums don't need to be dusted or cluttering up bookshelves. Nontheless, I suppose it's like how I prefer to read an actual book rather than an ebook, but space just doesn't allow for me to buy as many books as I can digitally.
So while I am happy, delighted even to be a part of this so called 'lost' generation there are some exceptions where I want the physical photos in the albums to hold too.
My most treasured one I just completed today, and it's a summary of my first university year. I will probably have this forever now, this little book I will pull out from time to time. When I'm old and wrinkly and the skin on my hands is paper thin I will no doubt still thumb through this here book. That's quite amazing when you think of it.
It was just a few months ago that I was there, and looking through makes me miss it quite badly, in years to come I'll no doubt wish that I could go back to that year and re live it all again!

I suppose the point to what I'm writing in this somewhat sentimental post is that I think it's great to have our life documented digitally, and I don't think our generation is that lost after all- but there may come a time where I will be too outdated to use the latest technology, but I'll still know how to open up a photo album.


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