My Moccasins!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Check out my new ultra spangly boots that got me feeling like I am walking on clouds!

They're soft like a slipper but eye catching too, no one can resist looking at a boot with so much motion and twingly twangly bits, like a glow around my feet!

I got them in black so that hopefully they go with more, and they make for a great transitional boot between Summer to Autumn when it gets a whole lot chillier here!

This is my first pair of calf high boots since my pastel pink cowboy boots that I got years and years ago in a sale at Next. I don't get much wear outta those cowboy boots anymore except maybe for fancy dress...

These boots are pretty thin and light, unlike my little black ankle boots which I live in and are made for durability in those winter months! That's why these are the next best thing to bare feet as they are so soft and comfortable, even the sole is soft so they don't require that 'break in' period where you have to break the shoes in and deal with terrible pain for days and days, these just come as a black please of play-doh waiting to be moulded to every foot crevice!

I'm sorry if all this talk of feet is making anyone squeamish!
I got my boots from Ebay! So they were a chance item that I grabbed but they were new, and cost about £30!
They look great with knitted tights and a dark grey pair of shorts, but also with leggings and maybe with jeans but I'm trying to stay out of jeans as long as possible until it's colder as jeans are not so comfy in the heat!
Here's to Septembers arrival and facing it with fun new feet!


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