How to stop nail biting: The Update

Monday, 26 August 2013

I decided that enough was enough with the nail biting some time around May, so I did a little weird technique or two to help curb the disgusting habit and for the first time, after so so so many previous failed attempts, the nail biting ceased.
I think it's important with breaking a habit like nail biting to be in a place where you have a desire to stop. If you enjoy nail biting (and in a weird way it is enjoyable, in that it is relazing- non nail biters I understand how bizarre that sounds...) As I was saying, if you enjoy nail biting then you will not give it up even if you try, you have to be at a point where you just feel really negative about the habit, and maybe sad and frustrated about it before you'll give it up.

As they say, when you reach the bottom, the only way is up!

And finally, finally my time came to come up!

I'll share with you my and after shot for now, my nails are even longer than I ever expected, This is how they look today, I just can't believe it when I look at the photograph, I can't believe that the really long or really short nails ever belonged to me!

Below is the visual journey to getting lovely, long nails, finally!

If you are sick of biting your nails too, try this tip that doesn't involve buying a thing, it's quickly becoming one of my most popular videos, and I think it's because it works!


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