Get your liner on! NYX Super Fat Eye Marker Review & First impressions

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My trusty liquid liner from Collection 2000 has served me well but there comes a point where the point (haha) of the brush can take no more.
Gone are the days where I can create lines as thin as a pin point, instead I can only create chunky looks with that little thing.
I decided it was about time I found a suitable replacement in the meantime to create those neat flicks.
I visited a beauty outlet store near me and bought the Super Fat eye marker by NYX 'The bold and daring liner' in Carbon Black.

 'Fat' and 'Bold' aren't words you would  associate with creating delicate lines, but this has a ultra fine tip that I hope I do not wear down before long.

Eye marker pens are perfect if:
You are a beginner at eyeliner as they are easier to use and feel familiar in your hand, like holding a pen
You like to create thick and thin eyeliner looks
You like to use eyeliner when applying false lashes to 'fill in' gaps and make the lashes look natural

My first impressions of this liner is that it's a very thin formula, much like a felt tip pen so it may not be the 'blackest' black you have ever used, but is black enough and more forgiving than thicker fomulas.
It dries incredibly quickly, basically instantly, so that you can blink without having a black-blob-disaster. Although, it is not waterproof (nor does it claim to be) or 'rub proof' and I'm a big eye rubber

Best to bring makeup for touch ups with this one!


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