Flower Pressing - My first attempt

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Since I caught the wonderful bouquet from my sisters wedding, i decided it was too sad to just watch them die a little more with every passing day. Instead I thought I'd try my very hardest at flower pressing. It looks so romantic in all those turn of the century films with wonderful flower pressed adornments to sweet love letters.

My first attempt has gone a little something like this, and is a very unofficial method as far as flower pressing goes.
You will need
A sheet of A4 paper
Next catalogs and other heavy books that you do not want to move for weeks

1.I cut off the bits of flowers that I thought would make for a nice arrangement

2.I arranged them inside the folder A4 sheet of paper

3. I closed the paper booklet, put it on one catalog, piled everything else on top

4.Wait, leave the pile somewhere it will be undisturbed, I left mine inside a cupboard, I'll pull it out every few days to see how it's getting along, but this whole process may end up taking weeks!

Hint: Sit on the stack of heavy books just to get the whole process moving along! Above is my most unflattering crotch shot!

I wish that I could include the result in this post, but I suppose that will be in a 'Flower Pressing Part 2 - Disaster or Delightful!' It's too soon to tell what the outcome will be!


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