Shopping & Sushi with mama!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

One thing that I love to go is go shopping with my mum, even if it's just food shopping, window shopping or real shopping!
This time we picked up some bits and pieces for my birthday which is not near at all, but I've been into baking lately and I saw some baking gadgets that I knew I had to have!
I'm not allowed to look at them but I can tell you that the first gadget is a cake divider. Sometimes I want to put a filling in a sponge, but when I try to separate the cake it all goes down hill from there and I end up with a pile of chocolate crumbs. It's basically a gadget with a wire that does all the hard work for me (according to its packaging and it is under £5)

Next of all, is a cake carousel mould. I've had a childrens cake cook book for several years now, and I love it purely for the beautiful pictures of cakes inside that look way above and beyond my feeble baking level. One cake that capitavated me was the carousel cake, but it required lots of bits and pieces, kitchen roll tubes and skewer sticks and ribbon and paper horses, it all got a bit much! But Lakeland are currently doing a carousel mould that basically does all the technical work for me. All I have to do is bake a sponge and pour chocolate in a mould, needless to say I am quite excited about that!

Mid shopping break we stopped off for more sushi!
I know not everyone loves Yo! Sushi, but my mum and I love how we can sit down and eat straight away with bottomless drinks and instant deliciousness in our tummy. I also love being able to press a button to get a waiters attention as opposed to having to try and flag someone down. We lost track of what we ate but we had a mini feast!

My Yo! Sushi favourites are as follows:
Gallons of bottomless Miso soup, I want one of those machines in my house!
Vegetable Gyoza - they are vegetable dumpings and deee-licious
Tamago which is a sweet omelette, it tastes like nothing I have ever eaten before but my mum and I love it!
Edamame which are salted soy beans, I eat a whole bowl to myself, you discard the pod and eat the beans!
Kaiso Salad which is crunchy salad in a sesame seed sauce
And finally....
We always share a Dorayaki- a japanese pancake filled with custard and a pot of rich raspberry sauce on the side.

Here's a little peek at our mini feast! In the blue bowl you can see the Kaiso Salad, and those green things right at the front are the eaten Edamame and the discarded pods!
I should not write about all the wonderful food I ate today when blogging near midnight because it's just the thing to get me fridge raiding!


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