Lets go to the movies: The Heat review

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's a terrible thing when you're in love with a film such as Bridesmaids, and you hope that every film to follow with Melissa McCarthy in will be as fantastic because you are almost certainly going to feel disappointed. So I may not have laughed out loud like I did with Bridesmaids and wanted to watch it again and again, but it wasn't unpleasant viewing and there were some funny moments.

The Heat is based around FBI agent Sarah Ashburn trying to get a promotion, she's not too popular with her colleagues so is sent to take down a drug lord as a way of proving herself and having a better chance of a promotion. Sarah's investigation is disrupted by Shannon Mullins who is as very territorial police officer (maybe FBI agent?), but ultimately doing good without doing it 'by the book'. The rest I'm sure you can guess, after intial teething problems, they use their strengths and weaknesses to work together to save the world (well almost)
So here are my thoughts on the whole sha-bang:
There was a lot more violence than I expected, although I did go into the film not knowing that much about it, so I suppose when there are a lot of drug themes, violence goes hand in hand with that, nonetheless it made me squirm in my seat a little.
Sandra Bullock has some real gem moments for example, the neighbours cat, who she adopts as her own cat...It doesn't sound so funny typed out...Anywho, but she always seems to play the same 'isolated focused workaholic' character.
There is also some mega cheddar moments, for example when Sarah bursts in on a meeting to tell everyone what a good agent Shannon really is bla bla bla

So it was enjoyable, and yes I did laugh out loud (especially at the cat bit) but I wouldn't be rushing to see it over again!


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