A years supply of Millies cookies!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Warning if you are trying to get trim for Summer then look away now

If ever there was something to brighten up a Monday morning it would be a years supply of cookies.
It sounds like I won them in a competition, but no, it's something that they offer for sale all year around and it costs £35
For £35 you get 12 cute coupons in a presentation box and whenever you fancy you can exchange a coupon for a box of 12 cookies (any flavors you like) So although it is marketed as a year supply, you could get a box every day for the next 12 days and use up all your coupons meaning that your 'year supply' would actually have been supplied in under two weeks, or you could use 5 coupons in one go (that's 60 cookies!)
So it's pretty flexible but sooo delicious and if you eat a lot of Millie's it does work out cheaper as usually a box of 12 cookies is £6.49 a pop
If you really are tempted to get about 3 or 5 boxes in one go think realistically if you have enough people to eat them as after 3 days they get stale and a little odd tasting.

Anyway, so the investment for a year was made and I was very excited as I adore the Millies giant cookies which I sometimes get for my birthday, and I've had the odd cookie here and there and they're soo sugary!

It sounded so funny going to the Millie's booth and saying "Hi there, a year supply of cookies please!'
I just want to stress that this is not some super special one off deal that Millie's are offering, they offer a year supply of cookies all year around, so if you decide tomorrow, next week, next year that you'd like to buy a year supply of coupons the offer will probably still be there.

We asked the lady at the booth for a mixture of all the chocoaltey flavoured ones, and we got a mixture of Double chocolate
Milk Chocoalte
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Unidentifiable Coconut Chocolate

It was pretty good... they didn't last long at all!

P.S they make a great gift if you've forgotten a birthday, just exchange a coupon for a box of cookies and give to your friend for smiles all round!


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