Accidental Graze

Sunday, 3 March 2013

This time last week I wrote about the Graze boxes which are regular snack boxes that are posted straight to you, I got my first box for free which was no doubt delicious but decided against having them sent to me on a weekly basis because it is not particularly cost effective, and I do wonder if it's as healthy as claimed. Lots of the snacks are particularly salty or sweet- which I'm not complaining because they are delicious but I don't think that it will enhance my health or diet particularly.
Well, I accidentally forgot to cancel my second box so today I was faced with:

Which was once again delicious, especially the olives! And the package that has been all reflected off because of the flash on my camera had a little slice of banana cake inside which was to die for! It was just lovely, and it had a cute little tea bag aswell which I'm yet to use.
While this was a sweet package and the most delicious mail I could ever recieve, my initial thoughts about whether it was good value for money still exist.. and this time I remembered to cancel my Graze box!
But here's a peek inside incase you were considering being a part of the Graze scheme


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