Lets go to the movies: Wanderlust

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

If you're a Friends fan, just the poster of this film is concerning. Mike... you're meant to be with Phoebe not Rachel... everything's wrong!

Once you get past the initial shock that the cast have a life after Friends you can enjoy 'Wanderlust'
It's a comedy genre, but I don't distinctly remember laughing out loud that much, maybe I did, I watched it quite late so when I'm sleepy I'm less likely to vocalise a laugh. Regardless, I know that at least in my head if not outwardly that I really enjoyed this film. It's just easy watching, no hidden meanings, no weird symbolism- it's just a fun story!

George and Linda are a couple in New York with jobs in the city, after forking out for a 'micro-loft' in New York things rapidly go downhill for George and Linda, they can no longer afford to live in the city and have to move in with George's brother who is the most horrible man imaginable, ugh he's just frustrating and a mean person. On their way to live with George's brother George and Linda are in a (non-serious) car accident and end up staying at Elysium which is a huge hippy cult (but not sinister like a cult usually is) and everyone is very welcoming but also very 'themselves' (think nudists, free love, sing-songs)
After a night or two there seeing how the cult live George and Linda accept that they have to go back to reality and live with George's brother, which becomes unbearable and they end up going back to live at the cult.
There are all kinds of catastrophes and disasters that occur on this 'new life' they embark upon that basically ends up causing more trouble than they first anticipated.

It's the kind of film that I could and would watch again, I really enjoyed it, and it kind of made me want to live in Elysium because it's a nice way of living, except they're all vegan and I like lasagna too much to be vegan.


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