What has been my favourite 'must-have' of last month?

Friday, 1 March 2013

There has been one thing that has consumed my life for the past well, three or four days actually, but it will probably be my favorite for the rest of my life!
I've gotten pretty obsessed with 'The Walking Dead' which is a tv series and completely not my traditional taste at all. It's based on following a group of survivors following 'the end of the world' which came about following a zombie apocalypse. A few people had tried to persuade me to watch it but as soon as they said the words 'zombies' and 'end of the world' I just thought no-way... not my thing! By chance I came across the first episode and sat down to watch, and every since I have been completely hooked... so hooked that I watched 2 series in about 3 days, but unfortunately now I have caught up with live broadcasting so I cannot watch them consecutively anymore and have to wait for the next episode like everyone else!

 Of course, the zombies - which are actually referred to as 'walkers' or 'biters' since this is a universe where 'zombies' never existed in horror films or video games, so it's a totally new concept to them- the zombies/walkers/ whatever you want to call them are a crucial part and the back drop for the whole show but what is really gripping is the dynamics between the group of people (who are not zombies) The writer is not afraid to kill off characters, even the ones we love that make it even more realistic and even more emotional... I have cried real tears more than once over one or two episodes. I'd love to go into details but I'd love even more for you to watch it for yourself and see why it's so amazing!

It does get pretty graphic, gross, violent and disturbing but it's also amazing, gripping and maybe the best thing on TV  (Yes, even better than 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' haha...)


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