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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

This summer I'm heading off to Italy- Yippee!
I am so so so excited to go abroad, I haven't been on a plane in two years and I got my passport renewed last year so I'm glad to finally be exercising it!

I've begun the shopping process which is strongly fueled by Pinterest since I've been pinning outfits I'm dreaming of wearing while walking along the street with an Italian sunset... -sigh-
Unfortunately I don't have nearly the budget to fulfill my Pinterest fantasy so I thought that a charity shop or 'thrift store' if you're fancy,  would be a good place to start building a dreamy Italian wardrobe.
Within 5 minutes of walking into a charity shop I found two gems:
A skirt still with the tags, that was £9 that I got for £3
I love the ruffle at the bottom, it's so pretty and girly!

A floaty white blouse that would look so pretty as a way to cover my arms in the evening and would look striking with bright, maybe even neon shorts and a (fake) tan.

This concludes the beginning of building up a cheap summer wardrobe, because I feel confident that the weather in England will never be warm enough to wear any of this again- It's approaching Easter and we have fresh snow on the ground, it's driving me loopy loo


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