Travelling Home and a top university interview tip

Friday, 8 March 2013

I have nothing exciting to reprt today at all, I'm travelling home.
I'm on a train
I'm stuck on a level of 4 pictures 1 word and the woman next to me is judging me because she thinks it's really easy and probably knows the answer and I've been staring at the same puzzle for over an hour now.
She has even watched me frantically text my friends for help describing the four pictures to them.
Anyway, since I have no pretty pictures as outside is just fields and grey sky whizzing by I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you a top tip! I'm sorry this will not be relevant to a lot of you, I'll have a much more fun blog post tomorrow because tomorrow is the wedding day! (Not mine, and not my sisters)

If you're in the UK at the moment and applying for University places for 2013/14 entry then now is about the time when you'll be heading off to interviews and it's just about guaranteed that if you're applying for a degree in:
Business Studies
Any of the sciences
The interviewer/ interviewees will be looking for current and up to date knowledge in your subject area this includes recent developments, changes, advancements and controversies.
The interviewer might be nice and ask a general 'What recent developments in (enter subject here) have taken your interest?'
Or they might be a little meaner and ask your opinion on a very specific change/ development in the subject area so you have to know your stuff and have a think about it so that you know what your opinion is before you go into the interview.

So you're probably thinking that you have mocks and real exams to revise for, maybe re-takes too and coursework deadlines before Easter, the last thing you have time to do is trapse around the internet trying to read up on the topic area. Well, the truth is that it should be a priority, up there with the coursework and exams, because you're going to feel a bit silly if the question you're asked in an interview sounds similar to double dutch and even worse you probably won't get a place unless you can answer all of the questions to a high quality.
So here's how to make it easier:
Set the homepage of your internet browser to the BBC news page (or any news page) that is specific to your area of potential study.
This way, every day, as soon as you open up your internet browser you have almost no choice but to at least scan over the latest headlines, then when you have a bit more time you can go back and read. This way there's no room to forget to have current awareness because you'll be exposed to the news every day. If you really hate not having immediate access to Google as soon as you open your browser you can always change it back after interviews are over (but perhaps ask yourself if you should be going into that area of study if you can't stand the sight of it on a day to day basis...)

So as soon as I click internet explorer (yes I still use internet explorer) this is what I see:

If there's a few websites that are good for your subject area which will certainly be the case for law, politics, economics and science, you can set multiple tabs to pop open straight away.
That's my top tip for the day!
Good luck with any upcoming interviews!


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