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Thursday, 14 March 2013

I read a really good book called Brutal by Nabila Sharma
It's difficult to describe a book of this nature as 'really good' because it's an extremely sad and true memoir of a young Muslim girl growing up in the Midlands UK. Nabila was abused across a period of years by her religious teacher.

Brutal: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Little Girl Stolen

It's truly sad to hear the horrific things that happened to Nabila, especially when described from the perspective of a child, it adds to how confusing it must have been.
On another level the story is a great insight into the close knit Muslim community.
The storytelling is fluid throughout the book but I found myself becoming progressively angry throughout the narrative as there were a few indications across the years to indicate what was happening to Nabila but they were ignored. The book works to a conclusion with Sharma eventually seeking counselling, finding some solace in her personal life and eventually reporting these crimes committed against her to the police, I wanted to know more about how the case was being followed up and to not know was unsatisfying.
If you enjoy reading these tragic child memoirs there are shelves stacked high and wide in book shops but this makes for a fresh take on a saturated genre.


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