Packing up and the most annoying game ever!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'm packing up and going everywhere so much that it's really driving me loopy loo!
I now have a permanent list on the notes app of generic stuff to pack that I might forget- top of the list are hair ties and bobby clips. I can't stand, not just a little bit, like it really gets on my nerves- not being able to tie my hair up when I want to, I hate it in my face, touching my face because it feels like it's making my skin oily and I hate strands of fringe falling over my face I think it makes hair look greasy because it has separated from other strands of hair- anyway enough about hair...

Nothing else really exciting happened today except for packing, and my crazy-cool glass of water. Sometimes, if I'm not super thirsty in a 'need-a-glass' kind of way I will put a glass of water in the freezer for 5 minutes or so, then it becomes super ice cold, I accidentally forgot about my water today for about 20 minutes and this happened:

The edge of my water had made itself into little icicles! It was so pretty! If I tried to make it happen again I bet it wouldn't.

And my final nugget of interesting trivia for today is that I downloaded the game 4 pictures 1 word. It's the most annoying game that I have have ever ever known. If you don't know what it is, it's a collection of four pictures that are all trying to describe the same word. Some are super easy an you can get in a second, without even looking properly at the pictures but I was stuck on this one for a full 2 hours maybe more:

Guess what it was?
I think that is the worst visual description of plenty that I have ever ever seen. There are lots like this, that are simply stupid and don't relate to the word in the slightest. So my review of this app is poor.

I'm goign to finish there, because this is the most random blog post that I have ever done before I think!


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